Power plant performance calculation

Project Objectives:

  • Determines the cost of losses of generated electric energy and heat and deviations from the factory specifications.
  • Calculate the performance of each unit of equipment (Boiler, Turbine, Heat exchangers, etc.)
  • To calculate the energy and material balance of water, steam, gas, electricity, etc.
  • Receive information from DCS ABB Industrial IT, DCS Emerson Ovation via OPC protocol and from SCADA and commercial metering stations using Modbus protocol.
  • Transfer stored and calculated information to office applications and other engineering applications.
  • Provides central long-term archival storage of industrial and calculated information.

Boiler performance calculation screen

Steam Turbine heat energy and water/steam balance screen

Before the implementation of the calculation system and the central long-term archive (MES system), the power plant personnel could only manage the equipment using the traditional Emerson and ABB production control systems that were installed at that time, but they did not have the ability to monitor the efficiency of the entire station and each unit equipment.

Plant Performance Monitoring System created by our Company provided the power plant personnel with the opportunity to continuously monitor the performance of the main equipment and compare it with the designed values.

Our system reduces operating costs by tracking in real time the cost of fuel for the production of heat and electricity and indicating losses and deviations of equipment performance from designed values.

Plant personnel can then take corrective actions to cover these losses and also to determine defects in advance by the inefficiency of individual units of equipment.

Our engineers are highly experienced in the energy industry to develop a complete suite of performance monitoring solutions.

The comprehensive work package also includes on-site research to collect detailed information about the industrial facility.

Based on the collected data, installation, configuration and software development is performed using ASME and other industry standards.

Steam turbine performance calculation screen