Load Regulator for Boiler No. 1

Objective: Design and performance of Boiler Regulator Energy for Boiler No.1;
Beneficiary: LUKOIL ENERGY AND GAS ROMANIA- Power Plant;
Used Software: Industrial IT ABB;
Location: Ploiesti, Romania.
Tasks performed:

  • Control system design;
  • Engineering;
  • Commissioning;
Purpose, task and area of use:

 Automatic adjustment of all boiler parameters according to the final setpoint of the desired steam characteristics.
The loop of the central regulator provides for the regulation of the following subgroups:

Calculation of current and future load (in real time) based on the steam flow resulting from the boiler outlet.
Adjusting the amount of fuel according to the steam flow.
Calculation of boiler load according to the fuel resources provided.
Calculation and adjustment of the amount of air according to the amount of fuel allowed.
Regulation of oxygen content and flue gases.
All loops are interconnected (cascade mode). The basis of the algorithm is the algorithm for determining the load from which data will be transmitted to other parts of the cascade.
Operator's command given through the steam flow setpoint is transformed into load percentage and subsequently transformed into the amount of gaseous fuel and the amount of air.
The regulation of the amount of oxygen intervenes in addition to the standard regulation of the amount of combustion air, having the role of maintaining O2 at predetermined values. The oxygen content directly regulates the amount of combustion air with influences of maximum 12% on the air flow control loop.
In the calculation of the load loop of the Energy Boiler No.1 tuning of the parameters on the operator interface, also called efficiency coefficient were included. They can also be adjusted manually by the operator depending on the technological parameters of the fuel or combustion air.