Nothing is built on stone, everything is built on sand. But we have to build as if the sand were stone

Considering the demand of the clients in the field of constructions, automation solutions were developed and implemented for efficiency and production optimization.
From the point of view of the level of automation, the cement and coal industry is complex but without too many possibilities of adjustment as other industries have. Most processes in the cement industry are discontinuous (they take place in batches). The processes in the coal industry are continuous and operate normally at the maximum production capacity of the plant, thus explaining the reduced capacity to regulate the plants in these industries.

We can say that in these processes accuracy is a priority. Both the cement and coal industries work with fixed dosages that cannot be taken out of definded limits. In the cement industry, for example, in order to obtain a type of concrete, a certain recipe must be followed. Each recipe has a fixed ratio between aprons, cement, water and additives. Due to this fact, the non-fulfillment of the fixed ratio of elements leads to the non-observance of the concrete type and implicitly it can affect the resistance as well as the forecasted lifespan.

In the coal industry it is absolutely necessary that the humidity, dosage and granulation are exactly observed. Failure to comply with these parameters can lead to inefficient combustion meaning incomplete combustion, low caloric capacity and increased coal consumption.