Both when the income of the business in the production field are not satisfactory, and even when they are, it is the time to analyze new growth strategies which have as targets improving the existing products for a new market.

In the branch of industrial automation we provide complete services, starting from the design phase, continuing with installation and finishing with commissioning and personal training. We put the accent on the quality of our services and we also offer maintenance for the whole life of the equipment.

We perform both optimization and rehabilitation, but also implementation of new projects, fully automated, for a diverse range of industrial fields.



The company provides informative documents that are made in order to help those who use the proposed equipments, as well as specialized technical consultancy. Technical consulting services are offered for:

- creating new project

- upgrading of existing installations

- increasing productivity

- reducing maintenance and operating costs



Each client's business has its own particularities. From our experience we have learned that maximum performance is achieved only by customizing the applications so that they fit perfectly with the desired business model.

Our company will be responsible with surveillance of the entire process and project implementation. We put accent on the precision and quality of production, ensuring for the entire process of commissioning for the entire equipment.

Also, throughout the entire project, solutions will be developed and streamlined, all necessary documents will be provided at the end of the project.



Taking into account the experience accumulated in over 12 years of activity in industrial fields, we execute "turnkey" projects and we focus on:

Technical coordination - an experienced team ready to face the new challenges;

Using the highest quality material;

Compliance with the beneficiary's requirements;

All the equipments used and delivered respect the reference norms in force and the specific requirements of each project.


As Built

During the entire period of project development and commissioning, changes occur (additional requirements of the beneficiary, unforeseen situations, etc.). During the works, the database is updated according to the works themselves, being correlated with the reality onsite.



- site preparation;

- execution of cable trays;

- installation of equipment;

- electrical connections;

- implementation of tuning and control algorithms;

- tests and commissioning.


Personal training

Training the staff  helps optimal functioning of your business. The trained employees will be better prepared to manage the computer control system.

All our projects include training programs for the beneficiary, knowledge of the assembled products and of the new project created and implemented, these having as final target knowledge of the technological products and characteristics, the correct maintenance plan of the technological equipment.



At the end of the project or its delivery, our work does not end!

For preventing a significant percent of the repairs, we purpose and we can ensure preventive planned maintenance

activity, based on a service contract according to the tehnical specifications of the equipment installed in site.

The purpose of the preventive planned maintenance has as target controlling the costs of  losses caused by failures.

At the same time, the continuous operation of the product flow is ensured, checking the equipment based on a established plan by the manufacturer, who can prevent occurrence of unforeseen expenses.

In this sense, our company has the ability and also specialized technical personal in order to establish the schedule of the preventive works, coordinates and verifies the conformity of the maintenance works, revisions and repairs.