Hydro-Power Turbine

Project Objectives:

  • Consolidation and development of modern technologies, leading to the improvement and efficiency of the technological flow;
  • Finding solutions to current problems;
  • Achieving superior productivity;
  • Increasing safety degree in operation;
  • Commissioning of system.
Hydroelectric Power Plant allows a high degree of optimization so as to automatically ensure the following actions:
  • Automatic remote start and stop, so as to ensure active or reactive power requirements in the energy system;
  • Quick start of the Hydropower Unit, performance of synchronization and coupling operations to the energy system, without the need of additional preparations;
  • Protection and automatic control systems of the hydropower group allow the timely detection of deviations from the nominal operating regime and ensure the disconnection of the affected equipment with the avoidance of damages.

DCS Centum Vp application at the level of the Hydroelectric Power Plant:

  • Application control bar;
  • Synoptic screen of the Hydroelectric Power Plant;
  • Alarm and message screen;
  • Real time database;
  • Screen printing reports;
  • The report editing screen;
  • Energy index screen;
  • Data backup screen;
  • Monitoring communication system with the upper stages of dispatching;
  • Long-term data collection;