Centralized control for Boiler`s Feed Water Pump

Objective: Centralized control for Boiler`s Feed Water Pump;
Beneficiary: LUKOIL ENERGY AND GAS ROMANIA- Power Plant;
Used Software: Emerson Ovation V3.2;
Location: Ploiesti, Romania.
Purpose, task and area of use:

The purpose of creating the control system of the Feed Water Pump is to maintain the normal operation of the equipment and protections.
Feed Water Pump`s control system operates during repair, preservation, backup, start, operation and shutdown. During operation, in the event of a fault, in transition and emergency conditions, the system provides protection by partial or complete shutdown of the equipment.

Characteristics of the driving object:

Description of the object of Feed Water Pump automation:
Feed Water Pump has the role of ensuring the water supply of Boilers (maximum temperature 165 °C).
Feed Water Pump`s assembly consists of:
Water circuit- It`s role is to pump water into the common water supply collector of Steam Boilers. It consists of electro-motor, supply pump, discharge valve and I&C equipment;
Oil circuit- It has the role of cooling and lubricating the electro bearings of the water supply pump. It consists of electro starting pump, mechanical pump, tubular heat exchanger and I&C equipment.