Concrete station - Automation upgrade


  • Objective: Modernizare sistem de comanda si control Statie de betoane;
  • Beneficiary: Marchin Trans;
  • Used Software: Mitsubishi FX-3U + HMI Easy View;
  • No. of signals: 50;
  • Location: Slatina, Romania.

Tasks performed:

  • Preparation of the list of sensors and consumers;
  • Checking the electrical cabinet;
  • PLC control system design;
  • Sensor verification and calibration;
  • Design and implementation of automatic operation algorithms;
  • Graphic interface design and implementation;
  • Design and implementation of concrete network accounting system;
  • Commissioning.


  • Cement silos;
  • Electro-pneumatic dampers;
  • Conveyors;
  • Tensometric dose scales;
  • Agitator;
  • Cup aprons;
  • Additive dosing system;
  • Cement fluidization system from scale to mixer with vibrations;
  • Compressed air bunker cement fluidization system;
  • Equipment heating system for winter operation.