The company Isystems Automation was established in 2007 and has quickly become an important name  in the following areas:

  • Engineering & Consulting;
  • Substation Automation & Protection Systems;
  • Process control & electrical automation;

       Our services respect the fundamental values like professionalism, responsibility, innovation and flexibility, and our  team brings to the clients the confidence of a good decision.

       The control of our processes helps the efficiency of the installation, the low energy consumption with a minimum impact on the environment, obtaining a maximum quality of the finished projects are just a few of the process control targets.These goals have succeeded in making our company a trusted collaborator of international renowned international manufacturers, providing solutions to a wide range of applications for the control of complex industrial processes (ABB, Emerson, Phoenix Contact, HIMA, Yokogawa, Siemens, Fibaro etc).

       Today we can follow the entire cycle for any project development: from helping the client structuring its needs and selecting the most feasible technology for the desired results.

       Last but not least, we will continue to invest in IsystemsAutomation the same  professionalism, efficiency and quality as well as in the solutions for our clients .



MES/ERP Systems

MES / ERP (Manufacturing Execution System / Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are systems that provide the correct information at the moment.


Process automation

Both when the income of the business in the production field are not satisfactory, and even when they are, it is the time to analyze new growth strategies which have as targets improving the existing products for a new market.


Process control and optimization

Implementing an optimal management system of the production installations brings a considerable increase of the profit generated automatically by the increase of the safety and reliability in operation.


For preventing a significant percent of the repairs, we purpose and we can ensure preventive planned maintenance activity.